Staff development

The revised strategy of “Magnit” calls for a greater focus on maximizing customer satisfaction and developing a multi-format business system. Meeting these challenges requires a comprehensive update of the Company’s competency map and system of corporate values. The most sought-after competencies are skill sets in marketing (studying customer demand), category management, supply chains, and digitalization. The на Magnit’s regional management model is also changing and requires the development and training of strong independent regional teams.

Preparation for the qualitative renewal of the “Magnit” team began in 2018. The Company launched initiatives to establish a new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) in order to modernize incentive models and career development principles, create a positive working environment, alter the architecture of the working space, and ultimately form an updated set of values that are consistent with the Company’s strategic objectives and will make the Company an attractive employer. In particular, we launched a project to develop an employer brand for various employee target audiences as well as a project to establish the values of the new “Magnit”. Both projects have been completed in March 2019 and will form the basis of the operational HR strategy that will be formulated by May 2019.