Assessment of working conditions

Index 2016 2017 2018
Number of enterprises covered by the assessment of working conditions 88 94 169
Number of employees covered by the assessment of working conditions 49,829 50,304 34,192
Number of employeesThe number of workplaces with harmful working conditions class 3.1 based on the results of a special assessment of workplace working conditions in workplaces who fail to comply with regulatory occupational safety requirements 1,504 1,804 2,151

In order to improve workplace management productivity, the Occupational Safety Service introduced, developed, and implemented the following new functions in 2018:

  • work in the risk elimination system;
  • a set of measures to reduce workplace injuries;
  • preparation for inspections by the Inspectorate-General for Labor using check lists that were introduced in June 2018;
  • organizing the work of the LLC “TK Zelenaya Liniya” and LLC “TD-holding” (integrated into the occupational safety system);
  • obtaining feedback from the sales unit;
  • forecasting the risk of workplace injuries (during sales peaks and different seasons);
  • an initiative to amend legislation.

The Company has an employee incentive system for health and safety and a lack of workplace injuries. The incentive-based portion of a manager’s salary directly depends on the number of workplace injuries that occur within the unit overseen by the manager.

In 2018, the Company:

  • provided workers with proper personal protective gear and compliance certificates;
  • conducted preliminary and periodic medical examinations of employees;
  • provided health and safety training for its employees;
  • conducted a special assessment of working conditions in the workplace.

The health and safety management system covers 100% of the Group’s employees. A total of 225,360 employees received health and safety training in 2018. As part of preventive measures to reduce the level of workplace injuries, the Company held unscheduled health and safety briefings and training, updated its health and safety policies and procedures, and conducted a special assessment of working conditions. Compliance with health and safety requirements is monitored internally on an ongoing basis. Information on any deviations that are identified is sent to the director of the enterprise in the form of a plan on how to eliminate shortcomings.

Based on the results of inspections by the Inspectorate-General for Labor, the number of health and safety violations declined by 12.5% and the total amount of fines decreased by 71.5% in 2018.

Magnit devotes significant attention to work that aims to reduce workplace injuries and regularly monitors compliance with health and safety requirements in production activities. In 2018, accidents were investigated, the responsible parties were identified, the causes of the risk were established, and measures were taken to prevent similar incidents in future activities.

The workplace injury rate decreased by 17% compared with 2017.

Company’s plans for 2019:

  • enhance the level of professional training for health and safety employees;
  • minimize the workplace injury rate at distribution centers and vehicle fleet enterprises;
  • conduct a special assessment of working conditions at 100% of the Company’s workplaces;
  • utilize the concept of financial support provided by the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation for preventive measures to reduce workplace injuries and occupational diseases among the Company’s employees;
  • provide all the Company’s units with documentation on occupational safety issues.
Health and safety expenses of PJSC “Magnit”, RUB thousand
Index 2016 2017 2018
Providing employees with personal protective gear 186,661 210,703 150,559
Measures to improve working conditions 294,037 39,967 5,722
Measures to prevent occupational diseases 124,824 76,116 62,702
Measures to reduce injuries and prevent accidents 13,660 5,268 348
TOTAL 619,182 332,054 219,331
Workplace injury rateData given for all employees, including independent contractors, working on the territory of the Company's facilities at which the Company is responsible for ensuring safe working conditions.
All accidents (including fatal accidents) Fatal accidents Accidents with severe health consequences
number ratioInjury rates are calculated using the following formula: FF=I/E*1000 number ratio number
2016 223 0.5003 5 0.0112 29
2017 198 0.3993 5 0.0101 28
2018 168 0.3392 5 0.0101 22