Recruiting principles

The Company’s vacancies are publicly available on its official website and on the other job search websites. The main source of information about vacancies at the Company is Magnit stores, which advertise when hiring new employees. Linear hiring is managed internally by the Company’s employees, which ensures a high level of efficiency and quality of recruitment. In 2018, the Company hired approximately 106,000 people in the retail segment and 16,000 people in logistics. As part of the management team renewal program at the district and branch levels, 151 managers at the CEO-1, -2, and -3 level were brought on staff over the last half of the year.

The Company hires candidates from related industries without limiting itself to grocery retail and provides them with training opportunities within the company.

Priorities for selecting candidates include:

  • strong leadership,
  • the ability and willingness to develop professionally,
  • customer centricity,
  • teamwork skills,
  • a systematic approach,
  • a high level of responsibility,
  • speed in decision-making in uncertain conditions,
  • an ability to manage widely scattered objects.

During the selection process, preference is always given to in-house candidates who must be evaluated and have the opportunity to prove themselves. Since July 2018, assessment centers have been used to evaluate 217 managers: 109 managers at the CEO-2 and -3 and Head Office levels and 108 managers at the Regional Director level.

The recruitment process is governed by the Employee Recruitment Regulations, which describe the general rules for recruitment, staffing requirements, the recruitment stages, the procedure for interacting with units involved in recruitment, and the timeframe for filling vacancies.