Major transactions

List of transactions concluded in 2018 that are recognized as major transactions in accordance with the Federal Law “On Joint-Stock Companies”

Transaction date 09/28/2018
Subject of the transaction and other material terms of the transaction Gratuitous transfer by the Shareholder PJSC “Magnit” of a contribution to the property of the Company JSC “Tander”. In order to finance and support the activities of JSC “Tander” (hereinafter the “Company”), PJSC “Magnit” (the “Shareholder”) shall make a contribution of RUB 60,000,000,000 (sixty billion) to the Company’s property without compensation, and the Company shall accept this contribution and use it in its operations. The contribution shall be transferred to the Company within 30 days from the time the Contract is signed by transferring money to the Company’s payment account. The voluntary contribution to the Company’s property shall not alter the size of the Shareholder’s stake, increase the Company’s authorized capital, or alter its nominal stock price.
Parties to the transaction PJSC "Magnit" – "Shareholder", JSC "Tander" – "Company"
Amount of the transaction in monetary terms, thousand rubles 60,000,000.00
Size of the transaction as a percentage of the book value of the Company's assets as of the end date of the last completed reporting period preceding the date of the transaction,% 43.41%
Deadline for performance of obligations under the transaction By 10/27/2018
Information about the performance of the above obligations Obligations fulfilled.
Management body that consented to the transaction or its subsequent approval Board of Directors of PJSC “Magnit”
Other information about the transaction specified by the Company at its own discretion