Development of leadership skills and the talent pool

In 2018, the Company launched a corporate training program for managers and specialists called the Magnit Business Academy (МВА).

The MBA includes several specialized departments:

  • the MBA for branch directors,
  • MBAdvp for regional managers of the Development and Launch Directorate,
  • MBApro for district and branch network directors.

Training is conducted in Sprint format, with each Sprint lasting up to three months and including: pre-training preparation, intensive on-the-job training with internal and external expert coaches, and the post-training phase.

In 2018, 145 managers underwent the first short-term training programs within the MBApro and MBA departments. The MBAcatmen department began training 180 employees. Two new departments are in the design stage. The Company plans to organize training for 700 employees in 2019.

The Company has a well-established system for promoting and training its internal talent pool for management positions in retail. A total of 35,190 people underwent assessments and the training program under this system in 2018. As of the start of 2019, the retail talent pool included 2,176 employees who are ready to be appointed to new positions.

In 2018, “Magnit” spent RUB 19.3 million on employee training (including store positions, office positions, and executive positions). The training program budget is expected to more than double in 2019 to RUB 45.2 million.